Monday, March 11, 2002

Diets are life suppressants >> really.

Let me take you on a tour of what I had for dinner...steamed cod fish with garlic and ginger, deer meat with thick black pepper sauce sauteed with onions and sliced crispy flour strips, broiled spinach with deep fried anchovies, fresh deep fried tofu chunks in an egg based crab meat sauce, and my personal favorite accompaniment, fresh diced garlic and cili padi in soy sauce.

If you were talking about going on a diet, and if you were with me yesterday, I would totally ignore you. If you persisted, I might just be tempted to remove you from my address book. Ah! The food was wonderful, and I was glad I didn't have lunch. I think this inconsistent meal thing is taking its toll, I have gained myself about...2kgs in a week, that's not necessarily alarming but then it is somewhat of a concern, considering that my weight fluctuates at most 5kgs in a week, perhaps the scale was faulty. Hmm, perhaps it could be. Imagine how a simple life-threatening object like a scale can screw up your life! Never underestimate the power of simple everyday objects.

And yet now, after I have awoken from my deep sleep I am eating again. Makes me wonder if all that eating was necessary. Let me think about it for a while...hmm....hmm...yes it was.

I have a couple of things planned for the next week, good things, exciting things, interesting things...its a whole fun fair of a week! That and the fact that my second favorite day is a holiday. Oh, that would be Friday. PLUS Sonique and Chicane will be performing at Dewan Merdeka, PWTC on Friday. Free advertising? No. I really want to go. It just so happens that the people around me have no idea who they are...we are an MTV deprived generation, I think. Ah...I remember the times when I used to love that song...'Don't give it up...dum..dum.dum....dum..dum.dum....' and it would be like an accompanying background vocals to the voice in my head. Very cool.

So anyway if I have to I will go alone. Yes, the lone voyage. I have done that before, many times, but that was many years ago, watch a movie alone, go to a cafe and write in my little black notepad (the book was black the paper was white). But don't you think it is quite freaky if your notebook was really black? Like, with black pages and everything...hehe, yes and it would be even freakier if you wrote in blood. Okay, I think the slew of horror movies (thirteen ghosts, mothman prophecies, from hell, session 9?..etc) have warped my thought processes.

In other news, current favorite video would be...umm, Enrique Iglesias' Escape. I think it's quite well done, the exposures and the lighting is excellent. Ooo and it's playing now too, how cool is that? Ah anyway back to the song...its also quite a cool song to be driving around in, I bought the cd from an online auction site from this wiry fella who trades in these cds. It was a strange encounter because I have no idea how he got them but I got them really cheap. Anyway back to the song!!! Yet again....okay fine, you expected it, Anna Kournikova. There's something about her that's very...captivating. So says the drones of other male counterparts.

You know what, I just woke up and so I don't think the fuzziness has thoroughly gone out of my head yet. Haha, sometimes I experience the fuzziness throughout the whole day, you think there are pills to fix that? I saw some umm...kava kava supplements yesterday, at least that's what I think it was called, so I was curious because it sounded exotic, and I looked at the label - it's for helping with difficulty in sleeping. I thought for a few seconds, I do have trouble sleeping sometimes but those are the times where I have the most to say, or when I am most creative, it's like I am a whole different person, or perhaps I am modelling my life around the theme of Fight Club, which is also one of my favorite movies, but after a while I put it back and decided that lack of sleep is a privilege that few can say they enjoy. My personal record? 3 days without sleep. Your body feels limp, your brain feels like coagulated bacon grease, and you speak in a drawl.

Kinda reminds me of a typical Monday in the office.