Saturday, March 09, 2002

understated intelligence, overstated stupidity >>

Its four thirty or rather sixteenthirtyhours in military time. What do I want to do today? Nothing, absolutely nothing at all. Lie on my back. Close my eyes, rest. I had been thinking way too much lately and the added stress would just jostle me into the deep end, and as you know, this holds true for all deep ends, you never do get out, unless you're in a bad B-movie and you're an attractive female who miraculously loses your clothes while running away from a non-existent freak of nature, then you might get out...which by the way reminds me, I watched Survivor 4 yesterday, it's quite evident who's leading, but overall it's a lot better but I wish I could b***h-slap someone whenever they say 'alliances', coz it just spoils all the fun.

For a one liner, this is a very long line, so I shall stop now. Tune in to keep up.