Sunday, June 27, 2004

breaking out

I'm currently addicted to The Sims on N-Gage...its funny how life relates to it, or does it relate to life? Go home, walk around, do stuff, earn money. Talk and socialize. Its all very idealistic, and thats what makes it immersive. Plus, I don't have to place the toilets in the living room anymore.*

*Back in the day when The Sims came out, I placed the toilet smack in the middle of the living room for maximum efficiency. Well, the household broke down, and everyone died, or something to that extent. Anyway I told myself that this kinda games that require planning, aren't right for me.

Anyhow, I still find it funny that I'm addicted to it, and hope that my life was so easy. Do I want to live an idealistic life? Or does the thought of simplicity appeal to me? What if life was nothing more than interactive 3D models?