Saturday, June 12, 2004

the drama of life

keeping silent, keeping still,
being completely motionless,
so i arrived here,
without permission.
i just happened.

clearing my mind,
close my eyes,
try to think less,
really try this time.

sinatra and the big band sounds,
fill the air,
providing atmosphere,
filling the void,
by singing my life.

a different time,
a different life,
such simpler moments,
you can live, and forget,
and others will remember,
because it was special.

a life of neglect,
moments wasted away,
good thoughts, bad ideas,
great times, worse moments.

quivering hands, a familiar sight,
an addiction i can't kick,
a love unclaimed, denounced,
a love found, and lost again.

time will pass,
time needs to pass,
time and healing,
positive correlation, they say,
i hope they are right,
since i never trusted them.

fish in the sea,
canned tuna fish,
what of choice,
when its further from my mind.

how time passes,
and yet nothing happens,
something must happen,
something will happen,
there's too much drama in my life.
at some point, its got to stop.