Friday, July 16, 2004

Holy cow! a metrosexual!

Well, if I hadn't known better I would immediately conjure up an image of an old perversive senile man on a subway. But it actually is a real word whose definition goes like 'a young, urban and usually heterosexual male who is concerned with fashion, food and grooming'. Now for those of you who want to be know-it-alls, its 'coined by Mark Simpson in 1994 article for The Independent', so it has been around. But the thing is, for me, it doesn't quite gel.
And especially if someone uses it to describe me.
But once the definition sets in, I think to myself. Hmm, indeed. It is true, I am that old creepy bastard then. Holy cow, I'm a metrosexual! Now I can just sit back in my newly designed studio, enjoy glasses of fine wine, whip up some gourmet tapas, play some soft Latin music and say 'sí, soy un metrosexual'. Crap.
Well , I guess it is a notch better than if someone called me a yuppie. A yuppie, on the other hand, is like a fish, trying to walk on land. Partially because it rhymes with 'guppy', and partially because I think yuppies are too caught up with adjusting to corporate ladder life they are just trying to breathe while subconsciously killing themselves because it isn't their natural environment although they pretend like it is, and while doing so think that they are above everyone else. That is *my* definition, and I'm not even going to justify looking up a real definition anywhere.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch my Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.