Thursday, March 10, 2005

The fluttering leaf

It feels like forever since I last seen those eyes,

of curiousity and slight puzzlement,

with every glance it delves deeper and deeper,

wondering who I am, and who you are.

Amidst the curiousity I began to find,

things I knew at the back of my mind,

but there would be no conclusion,

and I could go on forever, wondering.

Sometimes you know by the smell of the air,

sometimes you feel the breeze on your skin,

but yet you can't explain why,

how someone can suddenly appear,

and bring with them happiness,

that makes you feel alive again,

after dying a slow death for the longest time.

Just like a leaf in the breeze, swept away,

fluttering in the wind, not knowing the way,

braving the obstacles come what may,

till it settles down one day, forever it will stay.