Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pedestal bleeder

against my will,
prod me onto a pedestal,
and bleed me dry,
as I dissolve into the background.

see my reluctance,
acknowledge my objections,
ignore my thoughts,
for what is important to you?

the act of embracing,
a global thought, a unified decision,
is impossible to orchestrate,
by myself.

as I drift away slowly,
consumed by illness,
weakened by prescription,
fading away into darkness.

lapsing in and out of consciousness,
I seem to think clearer,
balancing on a thin line,
wondering which end I'll collapse to.

my arrival at this station,
bears no regret, for I've done it all,
till I can do no more,
as the road ahead suspiciously masks itself.

but I tire of investigation,
for empathy requires strength I lack,
so fate, work quickly,
and time will no longer require management.