Monday, August 08, 2005

Global warming

It was 37 degrees Celsius out today.

Which on any scale is massively hot. You don't see it but you definitely feel it. The haze that's brought in from Sumatra and peat fires in our country even have formed a seriously disturbing blanket over our heads and trapping us in with all the heat that cannot escape.

Everywhere I turn I see sickly people, coughing, sneezing. Watery eyes, that sort of thing. I have a theory that when the haze strikes people seem to get more aggressive on the road. Perhaps its the heat that irritates the nerve endings in the brain but they do tend to facilitate near-death maneuvers on the road in an attempt to get to their destination quicker.

But at the end of the day, there's only one thing that resonates in my mind.

It was 37 degrees out.

But how could it be?

I remembered when I was young my mom's car had a stick on thermometer in the car. It was one of those plastic ones with the mercury level in the centre that you just stick with the supplied double sided mounting tape on your car's A-pillar, and everyday we'd check to see how hot the day was. I remembered that once it touched 30 we'd be complaining about how hot the car is, and before we get in we're water the car, literally. If we take that into consideration, that would mean that our climate has increased nearly 1 degrees Celsius yearly, more rapidly over the recent years.

Which doesn't make any sense, because by the time I reach 50 we'd all have to live in climate-controlled enclosures because its gotten too dangerous to even step out and smell the fresh air. What fresh air? We would be entirely dependent on nanoclusters to refine the air we breathe. Have we progressed so quickly? Development can take place rapidly but restoring nature will definitely lag behind indefinitely no matter how concerned a few organizations get. Humans react as a whole entity so unless something is killing or affecting us by the masses only then will something be done. But isn't decisions like that to change the mindsets of people be left best to the leaders of the masses? Such is a terrible loss for one not to posses a gift of foresight.

Welcome to our future. I do need another bath.