Thursday, November 17, 2005

sertraline, anyone?

The other day I was doing these online tests at WebMD, after I did some reading up on some pharmaceuticals that I prescribe to anyone who's sick (yes, prescribe, *then* read up on it). These were basically tests by leading antidepressant drug companies, and I was attracted to the little animated Zoloft mascot. These tests were simple 2-bit questionaires about whether you're having suididal thoughts, or if you've been exceptionally happy, or sad lately.

Problem was the questions were so generic, and the symptoms were so common in our society that eventually I answered 'Yes' to most of the stuff, for example 'Do you sometimes have violent tendencies of causing harm or injury to others?', which I thought hmm, if you drove on our roads long enough, of course!

And so I was diagnosed as Bipolar II. Which required treatment, of course. Sertraline HCl, or Zoloft would do the trick.

Almost at the same time I started playing Grand Theft Auto. After much hype about it, and of course my disappearance from the gaming world, I decided to see if it'll run on my pc, and it did. GTA is a game of organized crime, and its appeal lies in the fact that you are allowed unprecedented freedom in the game. You can run over people, shoot strangers, hijack cars, total the hijacked car, run into another car, run over another car, hijack a police vehicle, hijack a bus, total a bus, well, you get the idea, and that was just 15 minutes into the game. Best part was GTA doesn't need a prescription. So why the big fuss about being politically correct?