Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lazy technology

I swear, technology is making us a whole lot lazier. The other day I came across this Chinese New Year promotion for Motorola bluetooth headsets. These are the things that you see attached to various heads like a rechargeable leech that has become quite popular these days.

I started adopting this Bluetooth headset years ago when Ericsson came out with the first headset that was featured in the Tomb Raider movie. I told myself that I would have to get it no matter what, and I did. For months and months I was the proud image of a Universal Soldier. Until of course I dropped it someplace and never bothered to get another one again.

Cut back to the present, the headsets are so incredibly cheap (as compared to what I paid in the beginning), which makes me wonder, do I really need one? The formula for these things is that if you can use it and if the price is reasonable, you must get it. I didn't need one. I had a Bluetooth module for the car which I am incredibly proud of for figuring out how to wire it to the ignition. My justification was that I only need the handsfree when I'm driving, and if I'm not driving I can always pick up my phone and answer it like millions of other phone-enabled humans around the world.

But...its so cheap.

Then you start to wonder, how your life can improve if you had it. I started to think about the times when I had to contort my body to answer my phone while it was being charged, and having to scribble notes, or that all familiar ear-shoulder clamp manouvre which actually is very dangerous because you can seriously sprain a neck muscle or drop your phone since they make them so damn small these days anyway.

It is about that time that you think, yes, I think my quality of life can drastically improve, if I had a Bluetooth headset. Plus its cheap anyway.

Now I'm wondering when I would use it. And suddenly it dawned on me. I would have to put it on all day. So that I can have my hands free to do other stuff, to move around, and be truly mobile! What a lazy, lazy boy!

I tell you, sooner or later we're going to have these things implanted into our ears, and we'd just be one big walking implant. Its going to be a real pain when something new comes out though.