Monday, January 02, 2006


I just have to check back on my previous new year celebrations. I don't know what I do but I have a firm suspicion it has to do with bottles of liquor and a memory lapse. This year, there was nothing. I was sober as an innocent child and that was it. I thought to myself oh man, I hope this doesn't set the tone for the year to come. I was just feeling so tired. All I needed was a hot bath, a good scrub and some sound sleep.

Which I did, and after which I thought to myself, it is a good year.

But I don't feel it. I don't think we feel it at all, the new year feeling. Its all propaganda, commercialized mumbo jumbo that we are ushered into celebration. I don't feel that its a big thing, new years, because really, its just another day. We'd probably sill write '05' mistakenly for the next few weeks because thats when the new year's feeling will set in. When you start writing it down, or looking at the calendar, or when you start planning, then you'll realize; oh, it IS a new year.

So what does 06 hold? Who can really say anyway. Every year I look forward to some sort of adventure. Not the swashbuckling treasure island type things but challanges, you know. Its a love-hate relationship, challenges. I hate it but once I get around to doing it I love the feeling. But this year will be challenging. Its the year of maintenance, and creation. I have to maintain everything so it runs like clockwork and create new stuff. A lot of brainstorming sessions, a lot of fun, and possibly a lot of time spent alone. But who can really tell, right?