Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I'd always wanted to donate blood. Well, like a friend told me, it is a noble thing, but I never did get around to doing it. Why? I don't know, its the creepy feeling that you are voluntarily bleeding yourself. Thing is I'd never done it so I wouldn't know. From what I hear its a pretty healthy thing too. Out with the old, and in with the new. No, we're not talking transfusion, more like regeneration.

Blood always scared me, for some reason. The thought of all the cells and plasmas floating around in that liquid form. I'd never liked horror movies so that probably accelerated the fear somewhat. In the newspapers these days you hear about stabbing, robberies, with the occasional photo of blood stained floors after they drag the stab victims out of the place...well, that sort of thing.

So of course, there was always the long wait at the National Blood Centre downtown. Its hard to believe that it houses pints upon pints of all types of blood. I read that Types O and B are more likely to run short fairly quickly. I think I ought to donate though, since I'm B. They say these B-types are the creative sort while the A-types are the more outgoing and sociable sorts, I think that its a Japanese thing. Its funny because they're quite big on these AV models, I don't know what its an abbreviation for but they are cute, usually young Japanese girls, and their profile always has their height, measurements, and blood type. It seemed odd to me until of course someone told me that blood types sorta define the character. I thought that it served a dual purpose where if you ran short of blood or needed a transfusion you'd have a whole list of candidates, and none of them bad looking either, coz you don't want to think about who's fluids you're going to have circulating in your system now don't you?

Well, of course I passed these mobile blood donation vans. I thought they were pretty cool, vans to draw blood from the people. If I worked in one of those vans, I tell you I would spread 2 things, fear and havoc. I'd park someplace populated, perhaps...colleges, yeah those students are ever so willing to donate their blood, get them in the stretcher, then start drawing blood while making small talk to make sure they're comfortable. Then, I'd disappear for a few minutes, and reappear in a black cloak, and vampire teeth, and start hissing and looking at their necks. Talk about getting fired by a government department!