Monday, November 18, 2002

Test 2

This is the second test message.

Please delete messages with the title 'Test messages' because it is the only way I can verify that my site is working correctly. I understand that it is inconveniencing you by flooding your mailbox but I am trying to minimize on that. Please bear with me, thanks for your cooperation.

This is a test message.

[End of test message]

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Server UP :: restoration in process


Some of you might have received a 'Server down' message I posted a few hours ago. Well, good news! Server is currently operational and I'm undergoing the process of restoring some of the lost data and misplaced user accounts. I just fixed my email at so you can continue sending messages there. Please re-send any e-mail that you may have sent to me within the last 2~3 days because chances are I never got them.

Now I have to restore the data on the website itself because all the images seem to be screwy, which is going to take a long, long time :(

Have a good day,