Friday, July 30, 2004

The darkest hour, friend for hire

Anxiety attacks are something you generally try to avoid. You experience a heightened sense of hyper-reality, everything seems more surreal, colors more vivid, and at the same time your feelings are dulled by the lack of passion, emotion, and confidence. It is like being stuck in a corner of the room with dirty white walls and palm prints of some evidently recent palm imprints of the previous man in suffering.

This has to be the absolute worst moment of my life.

It is at times like these when you have to do what's necessary to get things going your way. Friend for hire, sometimes it has to happen, most times it isn't pretty. But there is a saying that if you have a fear of darkness, and suddenly the lights are off, you seriously need to get the bulb changed, or learn to cope with the fear.

The problem is sometimes coping takes forever, and for me, I don't have forever to spare.