Friday, June 04, 2004

The science of love

To begin writing on a topic that I am no master of would seem ostentatious. In fact you can already see a string of failed relationships that I have somehow managed to get into, deliberately or otherwise. Talking about the otherwise, I doubt that anyone willingly walks into trouble. But walking into it without the foresight would be forgivable, as in my case, I suppose my experiences can't be blamed on anyone, or anything. It was the lack of foresight, which even if I had, might not have prevented me from falling into a ditch anyway.

So what is love that drives us so insane with feelings and emotions? Is it the fact that we like the rush? How does the cause and effect measure up to compensate for the feelings of fear, hate, jealousy, and loneliness that might occur every once in a while? That is the flipside to the great feeling. That is what keeps love grounded.

It is after all an invisible drug from which we all like to sniff at occasionally, just to perk up your day, to feel good, to feel Loved. How is it you fall out of love? It is like curing an addiction. First would be the realization that it is an addiction, and then someone constantly telling you its a bad thing. Kick the habit, go for rehab and in no time you're as good as new. So what is love? Love is like memory in RAM chips, its volatile, comes and goes as it pleases. Potentially damaging to vital organs such as the heart.

Its funny how people associate the heart with love. Love does not originate from the heart, it is from various things...sights, scents, touch, thoughts. But why love is associated with the heart, is when you take love away that is the first muscle that contracts accordingly, feel as if you're going to have a heart attack. Thats why. Heart shaped boxes for Valentines? Bah. The less you believe in the love as a commercial item crap, the faster you learn that love is a very complex science. It does not matter how many flowers you buy, or how often you say it, or how you're gonna do this or do that. Love does not last forever, not when love becomes a responsibility, then you are responsible forever due to the first act of love. You talk about everlasting love? I don't believe that for the moment. If there were such a thing, I wouldn't be writing this in the first place. I wouldn't be losing sleep over things like this.

If you think that everything is fine, think again. One day complacency will make a U-turn and bite you in the ass, you just gotta wait for it. Effort, big or small have no immediate effect over the outcome of love. And that makes love an exact science. Environmental variables, tweaks and adjustments in minute detail are needed just to make sure its a well oiled machine. And you know what, I'm getting really tired, for it has already bit me in the ass anyway.