Saturday, January 06, 2007

new year new best friend

Working through the new year was tough. Trying to stay awake at 11pm after working 16 hours straight isn't funny, but at the same time somewhat satisfying. Tons to do, and nobody really gets it. I guess for the past few years I'm in a party mood right about now. This year is different for many reasons. There's new targets to meet, and all that corporate mumbo-jumbo I can't be bothered reiterating. But one thing's for certain: someone's gotta pay the bills.
So since my life is going to be spent here I figured its a damn fine idea to make it better. Rearranged the furniture a little, restructured the company a little, made things more efficient, pleasant. Inviting. Heck, the office is a home anyway, and vice versa - might as well make the best of it.
So it came as a really good addition to the crew when the Krups XP5080 came along. Works hard, smells great. Whats not to like? It arrived today and after a bit of tinkering I was producing the best espressos money can get, and all this at the touch of a lit green button. So long, instant coffees, I've just discovered my new best friend to get me through the long hours.
Very nice indeed. Its looking like a good year already.