Friday, December 16, 2005

waste not

I love KL for many reasons, for the most obvious that I was born and raised here. There are certain sights and smells like the unexpected scent of fresh fruits as you walk past the city and the various hawker stalls that seem saturated with vivid colors from the overuse of plastic approaches at every bend.

But one thing about KL, is that people seem to want their few minutes of fame, coupled with imminent stupidity and the tendency of waste, you'd almost always make it to the front page of the papers. Such is the case today where a woman received 999 roses that cost the sucker about RM3,500.

For me that's waste at an unprecedented level. There are many ways of expressing one's love, but to splurge on temporary vegetation is not one of the methods that seem viable anymore. It spells one thing, though, perhaps he will be one of the few celebrated customers of the florist. I don't get it, no matter how insane anyone is, I don't know how one can wake up one morning, and say, alright, I want to buy flowers. Lots of flowers, and then I want everyone else to know about it because I think what I'm doing is rather exceptional.

I think if you want to do something special for a loved one. Keep it to yourself. The moment you publicise is your motives for your actions will be questioned. Is it for personal gain of fame, or is it for true love?

As an urbanite who's got no tolerance for these things I just mutter to myself, what a dumbass.