Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Emergency skydiving lessons

If there were such a thing as adapting to change, I would probably suck at it. As much as I'd like to believe that I do that easily, the truth is I can't. Its a very subjective thing though, sometimes adapting is the easiest thing in the world for me in certain situations, especially when you know you're in control. I hate instances where you aren't, and flying is one of them.

Sure you can follow the little pictures in the brochures in the seat but the reality is if something goes wrong, then something does go wrong. I've always wondered why they never issued parachutes to passengers in planes, coz you know, that would really save a lot of people, but as I was thinking about it, a few scenarios can come to mind, first, not everyone is a skydiver, I know I'm not, but I guess if you're desperate enough you will become a skydiver. Second, if you land in some secluded jungle, or the in the middle of the ocean, God forbid, then who is coming to pick you up? You could pull a 'Survivor' and live off a small island, hmm, come to think of it that sounds like fun. Lastly, I think the airlines are not going to be liable for parachute-induced deaths, since there are so many factors, you know - like being sucked into the turbine, which would really make matters a lot more difficult to handle.

If it was me though, the only hand carry I'd bring is a parachute. But I doubt they'd let you go crazy on the emergency doors at any time though. Darn. Well, at least I know I won't land in a jungle somewhere and get eaten by tigers.

In the meantime, hope there is sufficient in-flight entertainment, little turbulence, and ultra-compact airplane food. Chicken or fish sir? Dhuck, please(with an indian accent).

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The smell of Amber

Its been a great birthday, since I wasn't exactly expecting anything, it turned out much better than a regular day, which was a good thing. The day started at about 7, which was surprising considering the night before I was out at the Thai Club, where the gender of this really gorgeous dancer was supposedly questionable, I foresaw no flaws, but it was difficult to tell since they were lip synching, it was difficult to tell otherwise either, perhaps she was just eye-candy.

The next morning I woke up without a hangover, but with some signs of fatigue. They say that fatigue kills, and I was on the edge I think, several nights of tossing and turning doesn't help either, but I'm not doing anything to fix it since I am going on holiday soon and I need to be on my toes, which means waking up at 6 just to catch the perfect sunrise, etc etc. I rarely like sleeping when I'm away, such a waste, I think.

Shopping was fun, mingling amidst the aunties and uncles getting up early to get groceries and the occassional stare, smile or smirk of my seemingly misplaced locale, I'm used to that. My hair was a mess though, and I looked like I had a hangover, I just had too little sleep, but I went on with business. I always fume that there is a distinct lack of fresh produce, perhaps its just where I live. But one of the reasons why I resort to getting produce from KLCC is that the quality of meats there is somehow fresher. Its the packing methods I think, nowhere else that I have seen can you get a chunk of garoupa still fresh and firm. Head down to the Giant near my office and the stench of decaying fish will put you off almost immediately.

Hauling almost 10kilos of food 7 floors up would be my workout for the morning. I could have waited for the lift that never came, but I thought some exercise would be good. Actually it wasn't 10kilos of pure food, I had jars and other stuff which sadly were never used.

There is one thing about preparation that is very calming, very relaxing. The most memorable moment is when you are doing that with someone, and not saying anything, just preparing food, its very therapeutic. Thats good for an old soul, I think. It helps to get by another day.

I just got the best smelling shower foam yesterday, its called Amber from L'Occitane, and it just smells so delicious. The smell lingers for quite long and I like that. Its like...caramel, and a hint of oak.

Today I'm just feeling mellow, its one of those relaxing days, but I have a few things at the back of my mind. I guess I always have things at the back of my mind so thats not one of those things that is ever going to change. I just hope I have a good trip without any lost luggages or anything of that sort.