Wednesday, December 22, 2004

New and old stuff

I decided to re-do my current project today, which was the BLVK Carpentry website, since I thought it needed some changes. I already had a concept going, just needed some more photos and materials. Do check out the progress at

While I was uploading the files I kept getting this error message 'Quota exceeded', which would mean that I needed to clear space off my server if I wanted to add new stuff in. I was pretty amazed that some of the things managed to remain in my server. Things I've written almost 5 years ago!

I started writing this thing I called e:Planet around that time. It was like a diary/publication. At that time not many people did that, and the word blog wasn't even coined then. But there I was, writing, publishing, editing the links. And today, I just browsed through some of the things I wrote. Its a strange feeling, its like I am reading about an entirely different person, but yet, so similar...speech patterns haven't changed a bit, I actually was (and still is) quite cynical.

I liked life worries, no responsibilities. I wrote with careless abandon, with passion. I wrote about the future that hasn't happened yet with such hope and possibility. Things seem so different now, so much more subdued, real. Reality makes for boring company sometimes, and sometimes I just want to be away from it. But only for a moment.

Monday, December 20, 2004

friggin' shoe house

If it happens, it all happens at the same time.

Water started trickling from the air-conditioning today, and this was not my first experience, its happened before, and it just happened about a week ago, in my house, and now its happening in my office. The trickling sound annoys me, its also the fact that as I'm sitting here my carpet is getting soaked. Although there's a pail, but its not large enough to contain the trickling. All of a sudden I'm living in a shoe house with hansel and gretel.

But I've got it settled, by tomorrow morning they'll come and hopefully fix it. Its actually something I could fix myself, but why should I? I don't want to mess up my pants in clogged pipes during office hours, plus its not like my home. If it was home I'd do it myself. Never really appreciated people walking up and down my floors - its the cleaning up, you know. I like my floors clean coz I sit and sleep on it.

Which brings me to my next episode that happened today, its a minor thing. I like it if people settled their businesses face to face. The whole thing about proxies really bug me. If there's something to be said, just go right up and say it to my face, that's my philosophy. I already dismissed it and told myself its not going to be a problem, just that in the future, its not going to happen at all, you know? I take things personally, whether I voice it or not, and some cutting of ties are in place. As it is I'm already aggravated enough, I don't need more stresses in my life. But you know, when you have it good, you have it good.