Monday, August 21, 2006

Fish don't eat nuts

Curiosity is a funny thing, it makes you ask questions, whether logical or illogical and that makes sense of the world. What happens to people who stop being curious? I guess they start accepting how things are, how things work, and in the end get dragged on the train of monotony at full speed in this rat race we've all been sucked into.

I've taken into eating these granola bars lately for breakfast because they are fast, delicious and somewhat healthy. At least, healthier than my standard 3 helpings of siu mai followed by pork noodles. Till now I don't know what they put in there but something makes it good, I just don't wanna know what. I say 'somewhat healthy' because the fat content in these bars is about twice the amount of protein in them, of course at one point I was taking these icky protein bars which was the opposite, but tasted like cement so I guess its alright then. Its funny how when you declare everything in a nutritional label it makes you think twice about eating it. Imagine if pork noodles and siu mai came with nutritional labels, I think that'd provide enough fat for a 10,000 calorie diet.

what's funnier is that people are more grossed out about finding a hair in their food than the nutritional contents in their meals. 50 grams* of fat per bowl of noodles, no problem! 20 grams* of fat per siu mai, that's okay, give me ten! But once you find a hair in your food (0 nutritional value), you'd go 'ugh, I can't eat this anymore'. I think that's what's going to be the next trend. Move over Atkins! Here comes the Elby Diet Bar, so its basically repackaged cereal bars with hair. Well, okay, to maintain the element of surprise, *some* bars have hair, some don't.

Anyway as I was eating my granola bar, hairless, granola bar over the fish pond I dropped bits of it (nuts, I assume, I'm lucky to not be a nut allergy sufferer, peanut butter! the horrors...) into it, I expected the carps to go right for it because they always seem hungry, but instead the little black fishes, which I think are there to 'clean up the mess', so to speak, were trying to eat it, of course they can't. So my deduction is that fish don't eat nuts. I even tried googling 'do fish eat nuts?' and all I got were some nutritional information about fish and nuts.

This goes in line with some stories I've been hearing about picky eaters. I'm sure you know some people who are very specific about their food choices. They don't eat this, and they don't eat that. Some are due to religious reasons, some because they had bad experiences with it. Some because they feel disgusted by the sight of certain things, for me, its intestines of any sort. But you get my drift, some people, just don't eat certain things, for example, a bad business idea would be something like (Indian accent), 'I think I'm going to open a steakhouse...In India!'

The other day I was cooking chicken, its the first time I was using a whole chicken, coz I usually just buy parts or what I need, but I wanted to see how its like cooking a whole chicken. I did, and of course there came the chopping part. Large cleaver in my hand I started slicing and chopping, the sight of red bones was uncommon to me because I'd always bought pre-cut chicken that when it cooked the bones were sufficiently blackened, much like what you'd get from KFC, but to have something glowing red, staining the white flesh with it ever so slightly made me sort of lose my appetite gradually until when dinner was served I just wasn't that hungry anymore.

Perhaps its something about the crunching of bones that makes me squeamish. It reminded me of this video of a victim of terrorists in the middle east where his head was decapitated. Maybe I just have a low tolerance of these kind of things, blood and gore...or maybe the act of cutting up something that was previously roaming these great lands initiates some sort of connection, or a sense of guilt, assuming you live by the principle that all living things have a right to live. Except that for me I exclude menacing animals like snakes and...what else? Hyenas? Or velociraptors, you just want to smack their smirking faces (assuming they didn't eat you first). I always thought that chickens were descendants of velociraptors, that's why we're getting back at them now. Maybe I shouldn't base all my knowledge about the prehistoric on Jurassic Park though, but it'd be fun to put Colonel Sanders in Jurassic Park and have the African-American community manning the bases, if you know what I mean.

* Nutritional figures not laboratory proven accurate.