Saturday, May 25, 2002

Dec.air = 0.0%

I woke up bright and early today, pretty eager to fit the custom built case for my SAFC that I did last night. It is basically to conceal the otherwise obvious blue object behind the steering. So that went quite well actually, I was admiring my handiwork for a bit before I got back to my testing.

The engine seemed to be getting more erratic, and when I set the corrections to negative I can literally see the fuel meter drop. Why was that? I had to find out…but during deceleration the car still stalls sometimes if I wasn’t careful, no matter what setting I made at Ne1, which was 1000rpm. So the problem didn’t lie there.

Well during testing I had to send 2 people in my car to KLCC, and we got to watch Star Wars which was an awfully good movie if not for that annoying ending. Attack of the clones? I would’ve expected the attacks to last a lot longer. It was cool that the clones looked a lot better than the clumsy storm troopers which was basically morons in white armor, heheh, that’s my 2 cents on Star Wars. But on the way there I did another 0-100 test and today it was 00’10”35. I guess that improved somewhat, I should get rid of all the junk and people in my car and get a straight road and see how that goes.

Anyway after much reading, I found the problem, or at least I think it is, a setting called Dec.air, which I found out was ‘Deceleration Air Flow Correction’, which, I quote, ‘Some vehicles equipped with hot-wire air flow meters with forced induction units may experience engine stalling when the throttle is let off. This can be caused by a blow off valve releasing into the atmosphere, lack of a blow off valve, or the use of a very large turbocharger.’ End quote. Okay, so the part where engine stalling and throttle letting off is correct, and I sure as hell don’t have a blow off valve, then again I ain’t using a turbocharger so I might just set something there tomorrow. Now it reads as 0. What I’m afraid is the guy who installed the meter didn’t ground the wires properly, in which case I’ll also have to go check the connection to the ECU. Retuning starts tomorrow morning, bright and early. I just noticed also that even though I don’t have any major mods my car is still illegal in terms of color, where it differs from the road tax card, and the engine where on the card it says manufactured 1999 where it was 97 coz they didn’t manufacture a 99 model in the first place. On another note I think I also might have a stack of summonses that we have to go to the police station to check. I seriously don’t get it, because I thought unless they send it to you then you’ve got to pay. Now its like we have to go there and report ourselves? That’s insanity.

Well in the meantime, I’ll keep a low profile and try not to annoy anyone during my tests. I probably will earn one of those stick-waving old people retorts on how these ‘damn kids always speeding on our roads’ gestures. But ah, these old folks never had an ECU to play with in their times.;)