Tuesday, June 04, 2002


If there is feeling, must you nurture it?
If there is hope, must you wing it?
If there is beauty, must you observe it?
If there is love, do you express it?

If you fall, you die,
Adorable becomes adult, becomes death,
Hence, love is as intangible,
As easily it fabricates, as easily it dissolves.

Life is made up of moments,
Seize the day, make yourself happy,
Hence, love rules the world,
Makes all things beautiful, inserts meaning into life.

When you rule out possibilities,
When life start to seem real,
When you wake up to a nice cool morning,
is When you find comfort in independance.

Alas, what you lack you wish you had,
And when you did, you'd wish for a time machine,
How ridiculous it seems!
To look when you've stopped searching.
To feel when you've gone numb.
To love when you've forgotten.

To justify your actions may seem redundant,
If actions were based on feelings,
Who ends up wounded?
If actions affect others, and feelings affect yourself.

For feelings aren't real, it isn't tangible,
And the world is real.
Reality is real.
Therefore, I must be real too.