Sunday, September 01, 2002

Conversations in my head

No matter how loud I speak,
you'll only hear a whisper,
because you aren't listening...
The brightest light appears to be,
the darkest corner,
because you refuse to see...
I'm trying to make sense,
but reason is not on my side,
perhaps its because there isn't any...
Perhaps the truth is more difficult to digest,
and the lies are just sugar-coated niceties,
that mask the ugliness we try to bury.
This is the truth that we eventually face,
reality such as death,
we try not to think about it, and be happy,
until the day comes...
Do we know how to deal with it?
Will we be sad? Cry? Break down?
I don't know if I will just sit there,
staring blankly...into nothingness,
mind goes numb, feel disabled.
Act disabled. Speak in a stutter.
Avoid everyone. Everything.
How will you move on,
when you are stationary?
How will you sleep,
when you are awake?
How do you live,
when you're already dying?