Friday, September 27, 2002

Eating noodles with a spoon

Time. Past 9. Right. Glued. Heavy. Sleep. More. Wrong. Wake. Walk. Wash. Sleep? No! Wash. Brush. Blink. Wipe. Change. Watch? Stupid. Absent. Misplaced? Office. Probably. Descent. Breakfast. Hunger? Nope. Walk. Lock. Drive. Drive. Swear. Drive. Park. Rush. Late? Definitely. Walk. Swipe. Open. Unlock. Papers. Lights. Work. Notebook. On. Tea. Hot. Good. Ready. Work. Sleep. Laugh. Stupid. Work. Work. Newspaper. Read. Lunch. Hungry? No. Perhaps. Eat. Drink. Be merry. Work. Type. Movie. DVD. Yes? No. Time. 3pm. Friday! Sleep. Music. Nice. 50s. Relax. Wait. Sleep. Later. Bye.