Thursday, July 17, 2003

A gallery of my own

If you were wondering where had I been, perhaps you've thought I was enjoying my car that much that I didn't have time to come back and write, you could be half-right.

The last couple of days were particularly hectic for me, the company has been planning to open a new store/showroom selling doors, gardening materials, etc. So I was pretty busy helping out. Now that the doors are in place and all the furniture has been delivered, we are somewhat ready for out soft-launching tomorrow.

It was just a few days ago that I had a brilliant idea, since the shop had quite a vast space(enough to park about...9 cars I think), there must be some untouched walls that I could utilize for my photos! And so after getting a quick approval, I started work.

Digging up photos is not really a fun job, I had to rely on memory on what was good, and what was not, and some that I thought were good were not anymore. And I found out that I lost some of my negatives, one of which was the excellent roll I took in Kuching. But it must be lying somewhere, I just need to excavate it from my room. But I hastily took about 13 photos for prints and rushed the frame maker to complete the job by today.

I am still waiting for their call. But perhaps they will deliver by the end of the day. I also created some seals, where I will number every frame and keep it in my records. Last night I made some paper bags which weren't very difficult but I was dealing with huge slabs of A0 size paper, cutting them into shape and getting them ready for tomorrow. All that's left now is to collect, and then figure out how best to position them in the shop. And once I have that, and my receipt book done, I will be ready to 'open shop', as they say.

If you're interested and if you're around the area, do drop by tomorrow, 18th July 2003, Friday at:

No.12, Jalan E1, Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur.
Time: 04:00pm ~ 06:00pm

If I'm not mistaken the Putraline and 191/270 busses run thru the station right at the end of the road. But if I've mistaken, don't blame me, coz I haven't been in a bus for years.

Ok, back to my desk job.