Wednesday, August 11, 2004

je suis très bien, merci

There comes a stage in life where you're trying to figure out if you're having consecutive bad days, or if someone is really making an effort to make your life more difficult than it should be. After a brief, or sometimes prolonged tussle, most people, like me, will just give up. There is no point swimming upcurrent although there are probably hundreds of books that will advise you to do so just so that you can be what you *really* want to be.

But seriously, are we forming our thoughts and futures based on the findings and thoughts of others? Have we really ceased growing and thinking just because we have given up on it so long ago that we have forgotten about it?

Growing up in a world of MTV and some serious developments in the media, it is easy to see why we are heading towards a global position, a global thought. Sounds like a novel idea of unity, but it seems to be a more liberal form of communism, choose to do it, choose not to, its fine with us. But the thing here really is its not much of an obvious choice, but a lack of initiative on our part. I know that I wouldn't want to think about it any more than you do, but as I was sitting down thinking about where I'm really going, and what I really want. I noticed that there was a pattern, and it was a fashionable one. Have we become subconsciously trendy without even knowing it?

The way you dress. The places you go. As more outlets open to cater for *our* tastes, have they read too much into what we might like, where we might go, that we have grown accustomed to places that appeal to us? In that case, where have all the originality went? And if by recognizing true originality, are we merely just cashing in on it when it happens?

Have we stopped meaning the words 'I am fine, thank you', and replaced it with 'what do you mean you don't know what a venti cafe mocha extra shot low fat skip cream is?'