Sunday, August 01, 2004

Songs in my head 2

there are times when you're alone,
and think that life is more than this,
the times you thought you'd never,
give a chance to life a miss.

there are times when you were younger,
and think that everything is hard,
and there are times you thought you'd never,
wanna go far from where you are.

in desperation, there's hope,
in frustration, there's peace,
in darkness, there's light,
but being lost is a different thing.

you can't be found if you are hiding,
you can't seek if you don't begin,
until the end of time you find,
that you are back where you began.

i gotta find out if this really is me,
i gotta know what this means to me,
its spinning too fast, not thinking straight,
not thinking at all this isn't me,
what does it mean, when you feel,
when you've lost all feeling, and told yourself,
that you just wanna be here. alone.
go away. i don't need this. take it back.
and leave me so that things can be alright.
so that i can live my life, again.

and i did. but this time, it was different,
silence amplified becomes unbearable noise,
erasing a memory is pointless,
the thoughts linger,
like tobacco aftertaste.

this is right. this is a life. my life.
i can't forget you, strange little girl.
it is alright to live again.