Saturday, October 02, 2004

Quick thinking, Sherlock

It had felt like dawn, and that seemed to have happened the past few days ever since the weather turned for the worse, but out of all the bad days, today was slightly, significantly better. It wasn't much to be celebrated, although celebration was in order to skip the void of the eternal numbness of familiarity. Everything felt the same, just different props that changes with each separate scene, and each scene slowly adding up to the chapter of the story of what would eventually be called my life.

Words marked in a new sketch book, prim and proper, single white sheets of premium paper, an empty canvas prepared for greatness and beyond, and thus an understated responsibility to create. Creation wasn't done in a day, it was done in a moment of truth. Truth from observation, a solution to a problem that nobody saw. That is what creativity is about. You have different types of creativity, redundant and otherwise, streamlined or unfocused. It really depends on what the goal is about.

Some things are always at the back of the mind, it is like a flesh wound you desperately want to heal despite your best efforts, and when it is nearing its end curiousity picks at it and square one is reached. Thoughts are like that, except that the scarring is worsened by memory. We have the innate ability to link things together, us humans with our six degrees of separation. Ever since we realized the discovery of what I call urban yoga and its ethical notion that everything comes a full circle we have just blatantly misused it for pointless marketing campaigns and strategic product placements. But indeed everything does, we have known it for centuries, and yet we realize it now, but yet it doesn't serve us the way it should have.

It seemed like a deserted part of town. Everyone has retreated back to shelter, and perhaps that is a wise choice. A storm is coming, and there will be no hiding from it. Perhaps it is our nature to do what comes to mind naturally - head to the nearest bar and drink till the rain stops. The funny thing is it hasn't even begun to rain yet. So much for personal development!