Thursday, October 14, 2004


I just, finally, after such a long time, 2003 in fact, I updated my photolabs site. Well, I realized the other day when I was distributing my name cards that I didn't know quite which one to give to people. Well in the end I decided to reprint my cards with some extra details, I should be expecting it tomorrow. Perhaps I should have like a museum of name cards coz I've been having all these identities ever since I was in school. Hehe, except now its for real. Really. Honest.

Oh by the way the page can be viewed here.

I came up with the idea of BLVK after a pretty long time thinking about it. For the third time, its pronounced as 'block', but it has a decaying sense of spelling error, I experimented with a few alternatives for block, like 'bloque' in spanish, but that seemed too vogue, and there's nothing vogue about carpentry. But I didn't want something too crass either, so I went for something that was slightly more upmarket, something fashionable, and BLVK happened.

For the longest time I wondered why companies like bulgari and bellasarius switched the u for a v in their logos or names in fact, and so I did some research about it. Apparently its proper Latin to do so. Latin was created approximately 753BC and its based on the Etruscan alphabet, which in turn was derived from Greek. Back then 'v' stood for u, v and w, and the u and w were only added in the middle ages to distinguish it from v. So thats why! And now you know something new, if you didn't know that already.

As for me, there are 3 things going on:
1. Tonight I have to head to the Pharmacy in Bangsar to really check out the nurses that serve alcoholic beverages. Who needs hospitals??
2. I have to decide on what to do this Friday, because I want to celebrate, but I don't want anything large scale, actually I don't mind, but someone has to pay for large scale. So ultimately it might turn up to be small scale, or no scale at all, it all depends. Yes, by replacing ignorance and lack of planning, I have turned it into a mysterious party. Woo! Don't know if anything's gonna happen, but keep your fingers crossed!
3. I really ought to start packing for my Aussie trip. Now! I am getting excited. Just a week ago I wasn't even thinking about it. Too much work I suppose, but now that all the work is almost done, as what they say in Cantonese, 7788, I am feeling much more relieved, and ready to go. Travel light! Thats the key.

Thats all for now. Anyone interested in participating for the above 3 events feel free to ring me. Toodles!