Friday, November 19, 2004

The inability to lift

Let me introduce you to something that had been introduced to me just yesterday, it is a programme called BodyPump. So what we have here is 2 energetic instructors, Juliette and Cindy, armed with a barbell and an assortment of weights, aim to seriously punish you for that dessert indulgence you knew you shouldn't have had, because now that they're here, you'll pay.

Their MO is simple, and holds true for most dual-instructor-led classes, there's always a good cop, and there's a bad cop. The good one always comes first, so warm up was pretty intense, but bearable, I knew it had to be worse, and it did. Welcome, Juliette - the 'Come on, you can do it, you're doing great, feel it burn, just three more, how about another three for me, I lost count, lets start from one, haha, its good for you' girl.

I swear I can almost feel my tendons snapping - just that its not medically possible. I think its not medically proven yet, that's all. The worst thing is actually the morning after, and everyone knows this. Its like a good hangover, but I'm walking like a cramped zombie and I can't lift my arms past 90 degrees.

Don't expect me to wave anytime today.