Monday, June 06, 2005

Belt clip

I recently got a belt clip that came with the phone. Its pretty handy, that the phone isn't swishing in my pockets all the time. Then I thought...what if I got a belt clip for my PDA as well? Wouldn't that be handy!

Then I figured I might as well use the belt clip for the digital camera too!

Just for kicks, I might even be sporting a walkie talkie, via belt clip of course.

Man, I need a bigger waistline.


I recently discovered a cool (expensive, but cool) thing called LifeLogger. You can view mine at This service allows you to post lifelogs via MMS thru your mobile (or email coz its cheaper. Cheapskate), so it sorta documents your life, with a picture and a one liner. Its interesting I guess. For now the space is unlimited, so you can post as much as you want.

Standard messaging rates apply.