Tuesday, February 14, 2006

the deflowering of love

straight ahead i look away,

flower peddlers on valentines day,

roses, red, all wrapped in foil,

just like i remembered as a boy.

the crap you send to girls in school,

trying to sell me now, this fool,

i keep walking, i see more,

stuffed toys spilling out of the store.

its unfortunate, as you can see,

the florists, opportunists, filled with glee,

the suckers who would lose their stash,

to these opportunists who deals with cash.

then i start to think, a slight distraction,

tonight, how many people will get some action,

for all the love that's been bought today,

how many of them would get their way.

thank the media, the suckers, and the dodgy flower man,

for participating, all of them! in this scam,

because valentine's day just seems to be,

the prelude to a huge global orgy.