Thursday, July 27, 2006

another shot at life

I read briefly as I always do, the newspapers today. Recently my concentration has been somewhat on the waning side as I drift in an out of concentration, is it the haze? Is it the weather? Or is it general laziness because I don't want to remember details? In any case, I forget things, and rather rapidly at that. Which makes reading counterproductive. I prefer skimming through articles, headlines and key paragraphs. However, with a hyperactive imagination, sometimes you formulate snap judgements or misconceptions, which may or may not be true or accurate.

Anyway I glanced through an article about Its an online community where you can browse a virtual world that is almost self-sufficient and you can thus 'live' in it. I found that prospect quite interesting, but thinking beyond the realms of online avatars, I'm thinking more of deep-freezing cryogenics where you sign a consent form allowing your vital organs to be frozen and your brain hooked up to this system where you can sort of 'live', interact with people, building communities, attend social events, and have the latest news wired to your brain. Your body will of course be placed in a maximum security underground facility up to a point where you decide you want to be 'defrosted', perhaps years later, or perhaps centuries later?

Who wants to live forever?