Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Finally back on track

How quickly a year goes by, like a really long blink of an eye everything's changed. Life is different, it smells different, it looks different and you have to decide if you want to embrace that inevitable change.

This blogger interface was taken down after they stopped the FTP publishing services which was the main, and only way I published my stuff for so many years. After that I just didn't bother to use it because I a)Couldn't care less for a blogspot.com address and b)Thought if something works why change it.

Anyway, with a little time since its the Chinese new year lull, I thought I'd check it out and see how the Migration procedure worked. Wasn't as complicated as I thought but however I must note that none of the newer posts will actually be on my website, it will be hosted on Google instead, just like almost everything else that belongs to me will eventually belong to them.

Ah yes, and in the midst of my disappearance I actually signed up for Twitter. Never say never, I guess, but it really re-establishes my point that Twitter was never set up for people who write, or have anything to write about. It is as if someone just decided to create a technology to have everyone's mumbles under their breath or every little thought that they are thinking to be on record for the rest of their life, for all to see.

I suppose it all comes down to our instinctive need for reaching out, to be heard and to be acknowledged. Everyone wants to be recognized, so people tend to find ways to evoke a response, they try to say something smart, something provocative to try to get people to sit up and listen. Time consuming? Probably. Pretentious? Definitely.

This was never meant to be that kind of blog, its just a space for me to observe, to write, to vent. Statistics don't matter to me, what matters is I come back in a few years and read all my old stuff and think to myself, that's pretty good right there.