Sunday, February 13, 2011

Suicidal role models

There's a song that I hate right now, but the fact that it gets so much airplay means that I can't not listen to it. In fact there was once when I switched radio stations and found out that they were playing the same stupid song on both stations. The culprit, Bruno Mars, the song, Grenade.

In this particular nonsense of a song, he says that he would 'catch a grenade for you...jump in front of a train for you...but you won't do the same.'

Who in their right state of mind would do the same? So I figure he is mentally retarded. He can sing, yes, but he's a retard. Lets break it down, in what situation would you even consider catching a grenade? That is tactically incorrect on so many levels. If he was with his partner at that time of the grenade incident and a grenade was thrown at him, it makes more sense to throw it back as taught by many movies, or run for cover. Grenades have a 5m fatality radius and a 15m casualty radius, so even if he caught the grenade and she was in fact with him at that time, they both would've died from excessive bleeding from the shrapnel.

And whats with the jumping in front of a train anyway, what does that prove? What does that accomplish? Does this retard even realize the kind of repercussions jumping in front of a train would have? The entire line has to be stopped, stranded commuters, the trauma of seeing this suicidal retard smashed by an incoming train, the costs involved with the clean up and repairs to the line, the falling stock of the transportation company, increased security afterwards to prevent recurrence, increased cost, etc etc. Clearly he has intentions to inconvenience everyone around him.

On a more serious note, what I am more concerned is the fact that because it has become a hit single that gets repeated plays on the airwaves, that means that people will continue to listen, he will continue to generate fans, and young, impressionable people will look up to him as a role model. Do you really think that a suicidal role model is something we should let loose in the community? What happens when you get lovesick kids jumping in front of trains or killing themselves to prove their love?

You may say that even without this song they might do it anyway, or that this song is a metaphor and wasn't meant to be taken literally. But I am talking about the percentage of people who take it literally, who are already suffering from depression or rejection, wouldn't this be a catalyst that pushes them over the edge? Thats not even taking into account the increasing suicide rates among teens who cannot cope with peer and other social pressures. I think everything must be done to preserve life, not to encourage the opposite.

To those of you celebrating tomorrow, Happy valentine's day. Try not to kill yourself while you're at it.