Sunday, June 27, 2004

nauseating fish stomach

Chinese food is okay, but what they categorize as exquisite 'fine dining' chinese food, well, I'll have to think twice about that. There's something about eating food that is unnatural like it was meant to be in an episode of Fear factor, that unsettles me. Being adventurous in food? Me? I say stick to the basics, you can cook it differently, but don't cook a different body part that usually I don't know what it is. Like for instance today I ate a smooth, almost starchy piece of thing, that was in a stew. Later when I was done wondering how it slithered down my throat did I know that it was fish stomach. I was like...what? That's really not fish. You know tuna? I like tuna. I like tuna in a can, I like tuna raw, I like tuna with some lemon and pepper or soya sauce. So if this was the stomach...where is the fish?

Man. Fish was so far away from the menu today, I wouldn't see it if I wanted to with binoculars.

But somehow these kinda things, like shark's fin, for example, leave a bad taste in my mouth. An aftertaste, or perhaps an afterthought. And don't even get me started on pig intestines. I used to think they were sausages of some sort. Mmm Mmm! Then we eventually were thought that it was the bolus that traps most bacteria that doesn't DIE. So we're eating spiced, diseased, pig parts. But hey, you only live once right?

Perhaps its just safer just to be vegetarian.

Yeah right!