Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Driving a taxi

I have this problem where I can't stick to one place at any time. So like today I was trying to hail a cab to Segambut to collect my car from the service centre, I just kept walking. It just doesn't make sense for me to stay put and hope for something to happen, so I just walk around until I see something. There was once I must have walked past 3 bus stands because there weren't any taxis, but that was so far the most extreme.

Today however, I was quite lucky to get one almost immediately, and interestingly enough, it was one of those rickety taxis. The gearbox was shot, so the gears kept recoiling, and the suspensions were...well, what suspension? But the air-con was working, so it was fine. Now, the driver...that's even more interesting. He wasn't the owner of the cab. Apparently this guy just does all the work, and at the end of the day he gives the money to the owner, who probably sits at home watching is ESPN. Poor soul.

So this guy, whose name I didn't get, was a little high-strung, so I found that slightly alarming, he talked a lot though, so that was good, coz if he was falling asleep, then I had something to worry about. But the cab was just basically going all over the place, and by that I meant that he was just cutting in and out, but he wasn't one of those asshole drivers, he had been staying up all night trying to get enough to give to the owner. Coz he had a quota of some sort. So this guy...well, he was really tired, trying to stay awake, and trying to get me to my destination. I nearly offered to drive the cab actually, I thought that would have been fun. I have this secret want, that maybe for a day in my life I want to just drive a taxi. It sounds like an interesting thing to do.

There's this new singer, Tyler Hilton, who's pretty good. Mostly guitar, slightly folksy, slightly country, slightly pop. I like it, its like something Michelle Branch would do, if she was a guy, you know. As I recently discovered, writing, composing and arranging songs is not the easiest thing to do. So, whenever I hear something good, it deserves my ultimate respect.