Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The makings of a good year

You know that feeling? The one where you know that everything is going to be okay, when the weather pleasant, the passing breeze cooling, and the air crisp and unexpectedly fresh, the sun is shining and there's clear blue skies above, and for that brief moment you can almost hear background music. Of course you know that's in your head, but its the feeling that you know that the year is coming to an end, and the new year is beginning.

My parents have always called it 'kuo nin fung', which translates literally to 'new year breeze', which was always very uplifting somehow. Its one of the few times where everyone just stops for that brief moment, and once its over you just get on with your life, but everything seems to be better.

For me, I take these moments and experience some flashbacks through the events that occured throughout the course of the year. Its quite amazing how many things happen within a year, how many conversations you have, how many people you meet. This has been one of the more eventful years, even though I think that every year has its significances, this year seems to be what I call a resiliency-building year. Somehow life's experiences, as they say, if doesn't kill you, should make you stronger. I liked how resilient I've become, even though I probably ought to work on my cynicism. But its also a year that I've learnt to just let it go, let loose, and just take things easy. Frankly, I actually enjoy not thinking about things too much and just let it happen naturally.

Of course things don't happen automatically if you're at a standstill, some things require certain actions, or nudges, if you will. I liked how things just came together in the end, you know? Life hardly was more exciting or meaningful when I was just going about my routines. Now I'm working a lot harder, a lot longer, but I'm enjoying what I do - that makes a big difference.

This seems like something I'd write during new year, but I'm in the mood now, who knows what will happen in 15 days right? I hope that everyone has had a great year so far, and if they didn't, at least learnt a lesson or two in the process, and just keep focused on your dreams, and things will get better from then'll see.