Wednesday, January 12, 2005

iSqueez, uSqueez

My parents recently went to one of the ever mushrooming Osim shops all over the place, but the one we settled for was in Sungei Wang, also what I call the real shopping capital of the city. It was there that I managed to also try out their range of massage chairs. It was excellent! But of course excellence also as an 18-large price tag attached to it. But if you ever had that much cash to just simply go around, then get yourself one of those iSymphonic or iMedic chairs, the latter being one I haven't tested yet.

I've always had something against the 'i' thing. Ever since Apple came out with the iMac, it became the de-facto standard, a trade mark, and I felt an uproar when i Berhad came about, with the thoughts, if you had so much money, couldn't you come up with a better name than the just swipe it off Apple? And now Osim has done it with their range of i-branded products. No imagination whatsoever!

But good products nonetheless. At least they aren't tacky cheap stuff. So my parents got the iSqueez, which, at first glance really looks pretty redundant. What? Calf massager? Why on earth would I want to buy a calf massager? What next? Arms? Thighs? The next thing you know they'd create these battery operated strap-on massagers where you can wear and it will massage you *while you go about your daily chores*! How great would that be? Of course the entire suit would make you look like you had an exoskeleton attached to your body and you can no longer function as a bare human, but hey, it will look cool, and feel good as well. Imagine a large universal soldier kinda person going 'ohh...ahh...yeah that's it...'. I have just mentally created a disturbing picture.

Anyway, temporarily the iSqueez is in my room, and I've been using it pretty often, no complaints, its pretty relaxing, I'd like to think that its a foot massager that does your calves as well. Makes you wonder why we deserve it, but its a really great stress reliever. It retails for slightly under RM1,500. Who's squeezing who now?