Friday, January 07, 2005

¿usted habla inglés?

My day started a little differently today. It started like this:

Skarina says: mmm español?
elby// says: inglés
Skarina says: em
Skarina says: yo no se ingles
elby// says: pienso que usted tiene la persona incorrecta.
Skarina says: tú sabes español?
Skarina says: a jajajajajajaja
Skarina says: de donde sacaste eso?
Skarina says: del treductor?
elby// says: estoy utilizando un traductor
Skarina says: jajajajaj haci veo
Skarina says: de donde eres?
elby// says: ¿usted habla inglés?
Skarina says: no
Skarina says: ¿usted habla español?
Skarina says: jaja que cómico
elby// says: No. apesadumbrado
Skarina says: que?
Skarina says: no entiendo
elby// says: pero estamos hablando

The internet is a strange thing. It transverses geographic locations and as I discovered today, language barriers as well. Sure I don't speak Spanish, but with the help of a translator I could actually have a conversation, somewhat, in a foreign language. Its all very strange, interesting and bothersome at the same time.

My coughing is not getting any better and I've taken a myraid of medications to ease the pain somewhat, from snake gall bladders, to difflam, to herbal sweets to cough syrups. I've drank more tea over the week than I have ever remembered. But yet, there is no sign of it disappearing. Definitely not one of my better moments.