Monday, June 20, 2005

real Bat

Like many little boys, I'd always been fascinated with Batman. Perhaps it was the epitome of mystery and the fact that most little boys had at one point or another, wanted to be the world's greatest detective, and look cool doing so. But times change and eventually these little boys grow up to be men, and the question here is, how do you keep the idea and fascination of Batman alive, years later?

It is here that Batman Begins shines brightly. Set in realistic Chicago as Gotham city, it is a far cry from the cheap amusement park sets of the earlier Batman movies that we've loved at that time. The new Batman is dark, gritty, and most of all, real. There were doubts in my mind about how Christian Bale was to pull off the role of Batman, but he does it marvellously. I remembered at one point I thought Michael Keaton was the best Batman ever, and Val Kilmer was not nearly as good, but this is by far the best performance ever.

Its surprising for a long movie that I haven't encountered moments of boredom due to its lengthiness as the storyline flows rather nicely, and at least the relationship between Katie Holmes' and Bale's character is solid and believable. The fact that she figures out that Bruce Wayne is Batman is a plus point from the usual Hollywood horsing around that leaves me sick and frustrated. Point to note was Spiderman with his wimpy 'I love you but I can't tell you because I want to protect you' nonsense. Then again I have little tolerance for petty behaviors, the worst being Frodo's whiny, 'Oh I can't go on...its so difficult.' Makes me wanna smack him, and Spiderman.

And finally, without giving too much details away, the Batmobile looks like something I'd make. Ok, well, design. It's furious, its tough and it'll run over things and destroy everything in it's path. That's real good fun! Finally they make something that you'd say, 'Man, I wish I had one of that,' because every element in the movie was created with realism in mind, so everything from the Batsuit to the cool metal Bat shurikens to the Batmobile can actually be in production if you have the time, money or effort, that itself captures the enduring spirit of Batman.

I just wish I can see the technical drawings and specs of the Batmobile, I wonder how many horses it has under the hood, though.