Thursday, January 19, 2006

Is the grass greener?

If ignorance is bliss, would you prefer to remain ignorant? It is, in reality, perhaps safer to do so. As much as we'd like to believe what we portray our country as being free, safe, and harmonious the underlying social factors prohibit this from really happening. We are finding solutions on top of the problem at hand. Its a solution for solutions sake. Just like how they're marketing an anti-snatch theft handbag with detachable straps.

I personally witnessed the anger and fury of our citizens beating up a snatch theft caught right in front of my house. Everyone wants in on punishment and justice, but why does it remain a rampant problem for society? We are wired for thought differently, perhaps. Most of us remain and choose to be in our respective comfort zones. We gloriously defend that, and it is with this glory that we are unable to progress, and if we do, at a slower than expected pace.

To know where I'm getting at, do read the article here. Its the kind of news that do not get published here because we can get arrested or detained indefinitely but it provides a rather interesting picture of what is going on in the fabric of the people with power in this country.

However, if you choose to ignore it, everything seems fine. It is, really. People do what they have to do without being bothered. But when you come across a different perspective of reality, the underlying corruption that we face or have the possibility of facing, you really have to wonder if the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

I've met so many people who want to escape this reality for a bigger and better life. The promise of less work, more pay. Better quality of life, cheaper education, and a better future. Read this interesting article on the US's Green Card Lottery program. I won't reiterate on it because its so well written.

Greener grass does not necessarily have a positive correlation to a better future. The term evokes the image of someone running away from a problem, and with the stories I hear gives me the perception that nobody is truly happy wherever they are. So what really is greener grass?

Perhaps it is what we keep seeking but do not understand. Hope.