Thursday, January 05, 2006

the trashy post

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I was female and had trashy friends.

omg check *this* out
thats so not you
yeah this place sucks lets go somewhere else
oh did you just check out that guy
what guy
he was totally checking you out
really? was he cute?
yeah kinda. sorta. in a dorkish way
i hate dorks
yeah but he was cute
he's yours then
ooo mng's on sale!
omg what are we doing here then
what do you think of this?
what do you think of this?
we just gotta keep looking
i dont see anything nice
must be that **** that bought everything
what is she like rich or something
must be the boyfriend
i bet you he's rich
well either that or..
i gotta try this
but you can't afford it
well i'm not buying it..duh.
maybe you can get a rich boyfriend
what if...
what if...he's a dork?
eew. well, maybe if hes rich enough
yeah but usually they are
some are just losers
most that i meet are
i think its karma, you know?
oh like the afterlife?
no, like, what you do, they do to you?
thats deep.
yeah but i keep meeting them so i'm like, what *did* i do?
maybe you killed something, like an ant
omg i heard about that, like its some sorta...buddhist thing right?
i think thats karma
like rising from the dead stuff?
no thats the mummy, you're like so duh
well excuse me miss i-killed-a-fish
i didnt like, killed it okay, it was already dead
coz you killed it thats why
i'm hungry
lets have hotdogs
i love hotdogs
did you know i thought they made them with daschunds
are you like, smart or something? you remember the scientific name
daschund is not a scientific word
yeah but i call it sausage dog. coz you looks like...
i know. but its a daschund. i'm cleverer that way
i can't eat hotdogs without guys staring at me
yeah whats up with them
losers, i think. its just food.
yeah, like, totally.
let's like, not eat.
yeah i dont think i can deal with staring today
but i know you love it
yeah if they're hot
hot guys dont hang out at hot dog, like, places
i think i'll just have some water
like, evian?
totally, of course.

* This process eliminates the brain cells that I don't need, as how snakes shed their skin to make way for new skin, hopefully I would be able to have some new brain cells. I just needed to get rid of some, since, like, I have so much.