Thursday, March 16, 2006

Welcome home!

All of you may have experienced difficulties logging into this website yesterday, and its because I've moved to a new server location (ie. a better place). Plagued with technical difficulties and an ever decreasing return of investment, I decided to move my content someplace else. This new hosting package I'm paying for has a 5900% increase in storage space. Yes, that's a LOT of difference, that means I no longer will need to worry about conserving space, and perhaps I can even start putting photos on my blog, which was impossible before with the amount of space I was working with.

However since this shift was quite abrupt (I actually did it in semi-frustration), I didn't bother backing up data from the old place, so all my photos are gone (for now), and I'll try to look for them in my computer and upload it slowly. But in the meantime, going to will bring you straight to my blog, and all the fun it entails! The other parts will be added eventually, although I don't know if I even want to because even maintaining a blog is quite time consuming, not like the glory days of college where I spend hours designing fun things for the site. But, we'll see where this takes me. For me at least there's the peace of mind that at least the infrastructure is there for me.