Wednesday, November 15, 2006

polyacrylonitrile + not growing up

Maybe it never ended, so I couldn't have wondered when it started again, but as I reclaimed my keys to my car again, the skippy little Vios that had been scratched, and trashed about without my knowledge for the past few months, something called out to me to repair it. Respray the paint, and see if the clips to the bumper are broken.

And then it started.

If you are respraying the car, why not fit a bodykit, change the tires, change the rims because the new tires won't fit, change the springs coz the new rims would increase the ride height, change the shocks because you shouldn't use race springs with stock shocks, have front and rear strut bars, chuck in a rev/speed meter, voltage stabilizer, how about a cold air intake, and that MP3 player that's always in your mind to get, the amps, tweeters, mids, woofers, change the alarm, get leather seats, HIDs, that sort of thing.

In the end I decided to just leave it be. I'll just leave the outside looking stock, and change the stuff inside as and when need be. The first would be Racecraft carbon fibre front and rear strut bars.

Polyacrylonitrile is what they use to make carbon fibre, which is stronger, and lighter than steel. Essentially these polymers are made up of carbon and hydrogen, so the heating of this element releases the hydrogen molecules from this polymer, called pyrolysis, which results in the end result, carbon fibre. They use this material in most of the high tech applications like F1 or speedboats and that sort of thing, and soon I will be using it to brace my vehicle's structure. How cool is that? There is a trend now that carbon fibre is slightly cheaper that tuners are using carbon fibre hoods, which is why you see some cars having black hoods. The funny thing is some people paint their hoods black to get that look, but honestly I think it's pretty ugly. Then again most of these modders have no sense of color coordination anyway. For me, it has to be functional and it's got to look good as well.

Seems like some things never really go away, no matter how many years you put in between.