Friday, November 17, 2006

The truth about vandalism

Digi has been having these apparently 'brilliant marketing ideas' lately, which I think is targeted to the audience that spends 50 cents per SMS typing out messages so they can participate in one of those TV chat programs. Adolescents have always been an impressionable lot, but somehow I have a feeling that it can only get worse.

These kids as I have noticed on my commutes on the LRT are loud, lazy, and disrespectful (note the part(s) that make me sound like a grumpy old man). I've seen not one but a few of these children of the future, that will bring our country to greater heights, who are so lazy they can't even stand in the train on one of those corners beside the doors that people usually lean into? These kids just squat there, give me a look and wonder whats the matter with it.

Anyway back to the subject. I have really opposed to Digi's campaign of late. I have been having problems with their service and have written to them on numerous occasions. The thing about this is that they reply your questions with more questions. What the hell is that about? Sometimes they have system glitches so I will get a lot of cross lines, or people calling me when they didn't intend to dial my number. SMS's that never arrive the destination, that sort of thing. They have the audacity to ask me in return when I made that call, to which number, where was I, and all that? To which I replied them in protest, and later provided them with as much as I could remember, however...I'm still waiting for them to get back to me.

Then they have these stupid campaigns, I don't know why. The latest of which is something that's called Well, everyone knows what that is, a promotional thing, in a dated sense it might have been seen as a brilliant idea, to advertise without using their company logo. That is the power of branding, and of course for people who didn't get it immediately, they'd be curious to find out what its all about.

Today was the pinnacle of all stupidity. It is called school holidays + free stickers. These are thetruthaboutprepaid stickers, yellow in color, 15 in all. It has promotional taglines, and the website address. I don't need a supercomputer to calculate the amount of vandalism over 15 million stickers can generate all over the city. I think the community cleaners are going to be really pissed. Can they be held responsible for this mess? I really doubt it.

People over here have gotten away with worse anyway.