Thursday, March 14, 2002

[Pretty flowers]

The rays of sunbeam slowly trickled through the pastel fabric curtains casting its light into the room slowly but surely. Sarah awoke immediately with utmost glee, ready to take on the new day, with new possibilities, and perhaps even new adventure! She hopped off her bed into her tiny bunny slippers as she rushed out into the living room to find the dining filled with her favourite fruits!

She settled on a sweet juicy pear to start her day off. As she ate she wondered what she would do the rest of the was such a difficult decision, since there were so many things to do. Instead she just settled for not planning what to do but instead soak up all the colors and happiness that she had around her. She could see her cat Twinkles, lying on the stool, nodding off to sleep. She laughed with glee and exclaimed, 'What a lazy cat you are, Twinkles!' as she brushed Twinkles soft shiny fur.

Then Sarah decided to go walk out into the woods to pick up some flowers on the way to Grandmaw's house. Now of course you would have noticed that Sarah was Southern, I mean, she was in too good a mood to be bringing out her double-barrel shotgun just in case she met some wolf with cruel intentions, no, she was in too good a mood to do that. So to Grandmaw's it was!

She brought along her picnic basket filled with all the love and colors of her little home, which basically means nothing. No, it was an empty basket, but it was a basket filled with love. You see, Sarah was always taught that love makes the world go round, and as long as there is love, you have everything, what the world needs now is love, and love is a beautiful thing. Which basically meant that she can be joyful and maintain several foreign bank accounts at the same time. You see, people who live in the woods have a firm grasp of economics. But enough about that, we are now talking about Sarah and how her infectious happiness will radiate upon others.

The clouds contrasted on the lovely blue of the sky and the light cool breeze brushed Sarah's little red shawl whenever she skipped and danced into the woods while humming her favorite U2 song (they DID win a lot of Grammy's). As she skipped and hummed she could see from a distance away that there were some pretty yellow flowers up ahead. Excitedly she ran towards them in great anticipation.

Wow! Thought Sarah, 'these must be the prettiest looking flowers I have ever seen!' she said to herself. The dew was still evident on the yellow flowers. She couldn't really pinpoint what kind of flowers they were, but they had four vividly colored petals and a bright orange center! It kind of reminded Sarah of the oranges she saw on the dining table this morning! 'I'm sure Grandmaw would love to have a whole bouquet of these pretty flowers,' said Sarah.

She reached out to the stem of the flower and proceeded to pluck them from the ground. But not before she heard a voice that startled her.

'What are you doing, little girl?' said the voice. Sarah was taken aback as she fell on the gravel.
'Who is that?' asked Sarah.
'It is us, the yellow flowers!' came the voice.
'You can talk?' she exclaimed.
'Of course we can! We are after all living things...what brings you here?'
'I was going over to Grandmaws and I thought, how pretty these flowers must be and that Grandmaw would love to have a bouquet of these!' she explained, her face lit up with glee as she looked around to see where the voice eminated from.
'Ah, I see. Would you like to spend the day with us instead?'
Sarah thought for a moment, yes! This was indeed one of the rare moments that she hadn't planned! Grandmaw will just have to wait, as she almost immediately said 'Yes, of course!' in a louder than average voice.
So Sarah spent half the day with the flowers, talking about many things ranging from her school, to life, and what makes her happy, and what colors she liked. And in return she found out that flowers are living things with intelligent minds and friendliness to boot! She symphatised with the flowers as they told their tragic story of hardship and pain, and how their lives are destined to end in the hands of evil imperialistic florists that conjured up the whole notion of flowers as a great gift idea.

The touching story brought a tear to Sarah's she vowed never again to pick a flower from its stem that will destroy a pretty flower's hope, dreams and future. In return the flowers thanked her for her kindness, and gave her the most valuable gift of all - love. They told her that this was the gift that she could share as much as she wanted and it would never run out. But she already knew that, since her parents reminded her many years ago. Did her parents meet her flower friends too? She wondered.

But it was getting late and she had to bid them farewell and return home, but she promised to return whenever she could. Sarah skipped happily back home. She learned something valuable today, that receiving love felt as good as giving love, and happiness is indeed contagious and kindness would certainly be repaid in the future when you most need it. She wanted to spread the word out to as many people who need it as possible, so she decided to have her own website, however was taken so she kind of gave up on the idea.

It was a long day, and Sarah was feeling quite tired, so she retired to her bed where she closed her eyes, and eventually slept. She wondered what would tomorrow bring? But that's another story.

~ the end ~

POLICE have confirmed that Sarah* (name withheld, victim was a minor), was suffering from a substance abuse, a cocaine overdose, if you must. Officials are now on a manhunt for the parents of Sarah who are now tagged as fugitives on the biggest coke-bust ever since the last one, of course. County Sheriff Earp was quoted as saying 'man, these people ought to be brought to justice. What kind of wise *ss injects fruits with that stuff anyway?'. Inside sources inform that crates of these so-called 'fruits' are being exported to major cities across the globe. Sarah is now doing serious rehabilitation in an unnamed institution.

What, you thought flowers could talk?