Friday, March 08, 2002

[your] RUBBISH, my [ART]

It just so happens that sometimes coincidences happen so predictably that you form a theory to explain this seemingly illogical act of nature. Freak of nature. Well mine would be, if I don't take my camera out, strange things will just zip by in front of me as if mocking me 'regret not taking out your camera now? don't ya? moron!' yes the little voice in my head constantly taunts me.

Just yesterday I was about to leave the office due to claustrophobic reasons (and yes that is a good reason to flee from anything...bad dates, in-laws, people trying to sell you things you don't need...) for lunch, and in my bag were all my camera equipment, see? I made an effort to switch to my smaller, standard lens coz I thought I'd bring it out, but then again I was thinking...I'm here for about 5 months now and lunch was never anything interesting...why now? In the end I decided that I would just walk there, have lunch then get back and then life would resume its course.

About 50 metres to the road. Nothing. Good. I saw many things, bored office people going for lunch, bored office people going for lunch talking on their mobile/cellphones(depending on where you're living), pretentious people trying to make their lives more interesting by pretending they aren't bored office people going for lunch. So far so good, life is normal. Then all of a sudden I am greeted by a loud roar of a superbike coming in from my left, zipping past me and the rider was one of those Taliban-like people in full garb. How queer is that? Hmm...just that I don't see much of that around. Should've taken a picture...bah.

Well I was at lunch, okay now I shall slowly disconnect from the 'missed picture opportunities' phase coz I dont want to ramble about the cute children that were laughing or the man blowing bubbles with some kids hanging around him or the excellent lighting at the Taiwan Noodle Shop that I had lunch that looked rustic, among other things. So now I was at lunch. Sitting quietly after ordering, observing my surroundings. Is it because I am more acute when I'm not having anything to do?

These 2 men came sitting at the table adjacent to mine. Okay, very well. They started ordering their food in Mandarin. Strange, but they had a funny accent attached to their Mandarin, like they weren't proficient. True I am none the better but then I let that go, then they started speaking to each other in Mandarin. Extra strange, coz they really were fumbling with their words trying to hold up a conversation in a language that they don't speak in the first place. Perhaps I was overly critical or sour, or perhaps I didn't have anything to do. Mobile rings, man picks up phone, talks in Cantonese. Natural. Ah, so why don't they carry out the conversation in Cantonese in the first place? Nevermind. One man orders noodles with less noodles, one orders one with more noodles. Fair enough. Then when the food arrives, the man who ordered the less noodles portion interrogates the waitress, demanding to know which one is the lesser. I was thinking...if you are customizing your lunch, you should know how it's going to turn out, here's a tip, look at your friggin' food and decide for yourself!

I ate in silence, just as usual. Morons. Thought the little voice in my head. I most absolutely have to agree.