Monday, February 06, 2006

fun imposers

Relatively early, it was. It must have been 10pm or its whereabouts when I dozed off from all the nights that I had been deprived of it over the past week. I relished in deep slumber, its the most comfortable feeling in the world when suddenly the alarms went off.

The vibrations from the fireworks set it off. Poof. Boom. *sizzle* Poof. Boom.

Who the bloody hell is setting off fireworks at midnight? Aren't the authorities doing anything about it? What the hell is the occassion anyway? I have to bloody work in the morning!

The bright flares of light can be seen from outside the window. I thought. How pretty, and pretty annoying, at the same time. I thought about it a while, and decided that I hated fireworks. Fireworks, dangerous as it is, are set off by aspiring terrorists. And their goal is to impose fun on you. Its like in a party where you get this fellow who's trying to be a jackass so that people will look at him. The attention seeker, but you just want to smack him and ask him to get lost.

Maybe they should just call them Fun Imposers on the labels. Don't they have warning labels on those things anyway? Like 'Danger! Explosive material. Not to be used past midnight. May annoy some people. Might get you arrested. May cause limb dismemberment.' or something along those lines. And they want to put warning labels on cigarette packs.

Well I didn't sleep well after that, I was tossing and turning, and the only thing that's saving my day now is a huge pot of coffee that I've just finished. Usually it'll last me till about 5pm when I go off work. But today, I'm done, its 11.19am, and I'm only feeling normal.