Sunday, February 05, 2006

Starting over

So much has happened over the Chinese New Year holidays, which prologued with an epic episode of a 15-hour marathon drinking session. What followed next were repeated visits to the local bars, an afternoon of Guinness at Chilis or tequila or whiskies. A succession of these drinking days either damages the liver, or strengthens it. I believe in the latter, to a point where my drinking episodes follow either one of two outcomes, fatigue, or bloatedness. So much for trying to get high.

But this holiday, particularly this year seemed aptly well spent. Prior to the holidays I wanted to maximize my time by doing absolutely productive things, do a little carpentry, get a little work done, get my table organized, clear my backlog of work, that sort of thing. In fact I even put all these things in my PDA and they've all been blinking with reminders throughout the holidays. I turn a blind eye and seriously just enjoy myself.

Enjoying oneself is a very subtle addiction. Its like the sweet smell of vanilla or the intoxicating scent of juniper, you can't seem to get enough of it. But its not a very obvious vice that you will consciously tell your brain at some point of time that you have to stop. If its subtle, it never really has to end.

But today signals the end of the holidays. Day after day of what seemed like a succession of Fridays and Saturdays forever, reality sets in and it really is Sunday. Its a Sunday evening. I've been dry for the past 2 days, not even a beer in my system. Am I proud of that? I don't really know. I just feel like a foreign visitor in my body that somehow exceeded his stay after his visa expired. Its a queer out of body experience. I look at the mirror now, and I wonder who that fellow is.

So what lies ahead for this new year? Chinese new year is the actual benchmark for the year, simply because its the period where all work stops. I love it when everyone just takes a break and has a good time. But some serious work is to be done. The rest of the year just became suddenly even more challenging. But of course, the first order of the day would be to get out of the holiday mood, put on a nice shirt, have a good shave, and bring on the mayhem.

Perhaps for once, I won't drink to that.